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The application for “shin splints”, more accurately known as “medial tibial stress syndrome” (or MTSS), is one that we continually get positive feedback about at Rocktape HQ.  This application has helped many runners get back to training and racing more quickly.

To apply the tape for MTSS, the troublesome muscle along the inside of the shin bone needs to be stretched.  To do this the foot should be pulled back towards you (ankle dorsiflexed) and turned outwards (everted).  Along the shin, our aim is to lay the tape half on the muscle and half on the bone- sometimes it is easier to make small marks with a pen before you start to guide you.  Halfway up the shin, find the inside edge of the shin bone and make a pen mark one inch either side, then the 50mm tape should go just over these marks.

To begin the application the tape is anchored without stretch on the outside of the foot.  The tape is then pulled under the arch to the inside ankle bone (medial malleolus) with quite a bit of stretch (70-80%), then ease off the stretch back to 30-40% as the tape is laid along the inside of the shin, with no stretch for the last inch.  A decompression strip can then be applied over the area of most pain, usually a 5-10cm above the inside ankle bone (medial malleolus).  This is done with “band aid” technique, using a 10cm length of tape, with the backing paper ripped in the middle, stretched to 80% over the area of pain, with no stretch on either end.  Rub the tape to generate heat and activate the glue.  Make sure the tape is applied at least an hour before running.