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Athletes involved in throwing and overhead sports often develop shoulder issues, but the nature of their sport means that most of these athletes do not tolerate the restriction of rigid tapes.  However the increased afferent input of Rocktape, with some sense of support but maintenance of mobility, is very popular with these overhead athletes.

To tape the shoulder, we recommend a V-split using the Big Daddy 10cm tape.  Attach the 10cm base of the V on the lateral aspect of the arm whilst the arm is resting by the patient’s side, positioning the split of the tape at the deltoid insertion.  To apply the anterior tail, place the shoulder into horizontal extension and apply the tape following the contour of the anterior deltoid towards the AC joint.  The posterior tail is applied with the shoulder in horizontal flexion, following the posterior deltoid towards the AC joint.  A decompression strip can be applied over the area of pain, typically the subacromial space.

This strip can also be turned into a postural correction technique if the tape is applied from the chest, running posteriorly towards the thoracic spine, with the arm held in external rotation by the patient’s side.  This should facilitate scapula retraction, as well as external rotation of the humerus.