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Dear Rocktape Team

I have had an ongoing patella tendon injury for over a year now. It’s my own fault, I have not prioritised doing what needed to be done to get it better! Anyway, I had been using a patella strap so I could run, but could only run for 30mins at a time and not on consecutive days. And I would be very sore afterwards.

I started using Rocktape about 3 months ago. WHILE running it seemed to provided the same relief as the patella strap, but there was a lot less soreness AFTER each run. Over the last 3 months I have been finding that I can run a little further, and even run on consecutive days, without any added soreness. In fact, the Rocktape has worked so well I am currently training for a Half Marathon. All the while, I can feel the strength returning to the muscles surrounding the knee and hope to be injury free sooner rather than later.

I am not sure how Rocktape works … but I do know that it works. Thank you!

Kelly Exeter